Graphene from TMTP Labs™ could transform water filtration technology.

  • Filtration Membranes:
    Enhance water filtration systems with graphene-based membranes, offering superior permeability, selectivity, and durability for improved water filtration.
  • Desalination Advancements:
    Providing simple alternatives for water filtration to address the growing global demand for fresh water.
  • Pollutant Removal:
    Deploy graphene in water treatment processes to efficiently adsorb and remove pollutants, heavy metals, and contaminants, ensuring cleaner and safer water resources.
  • Wastewater Treatment:
    Revolutionize wastewater treatment with graphene-enhanced processes, achieving higher removal efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of industrial discharges.

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Benefits of TMTP Labs™ Pristine Graphene


We produce pristine graphene material available to
commercial customers.


We work with you to customize a solution for your
graphene needs.


There is no known
product stronger than
pristine graphene.


We are an at-scale producer
and can support
high volume requests.


Our patented process makes pristine graphene cost
effective and accessible.