Hex Electronics

Elevate your electronic innovations with pristine graphene from TMTP Labs™.

  • Superior Conductivity:
    Experience improved electrical conductivity, powering faster and more efficient electronic circuits.
  • Miniaturization:
    Leverage our graphene’s exceptional mechanical strength and flexibility to create compact, lightweight, and powerful electronic components.
  • Thermal Management:
    Utilize our graphene’s superior thermal conductivity for improved heat dissipation, ensuring optimal device functionality even under demanding conditions.
  • Customized Solutions:
    Customize our pristine graphene to meet the unique needs of your electronic applications, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Contact us today to discuss the possibilities of our pristine graphene.

Benefits of TMTP Labs™ Pristine Graphene


We produce pristine graphene material available to
commercial customers.


We work with you to customize a solution for your
graphene needs.


There is no known
product stronger than
pristine graphene.


We are an at-scale producer
and can support
high volume requests.


Our patented process makes pristine graphene cost
effective and accessible.