Hex Materials

Join TMTP Labs™ in pioneering material advancements.

  • Lightweight Composites:
    Reinforce composites with our graphene to achieve unparalleled strength and durability while maintaining a lightweight profile.
  • High-Performance Polymers:
    Achieve new levels of strength and flexibility in polymers with our graphene additives, expanding the possibilities for industrial applications.
  • Stronger Coatings:
    Improve wear resistance and thermal conductivity in coatings by integrating our graphene, ensuring longevity and efficiency.
  • Conductive Inks:
    Explore the potential of our graphene-based inks for printing electronic components, enabling the development of flexible and efficient circuits.

Contact us today to see how our graphene can enhance your advanced materials!

Benefits of TMTP Labs™ Pristine Graphene


We produce pristine graphene material available to
commercial customers.


We work with you to customize a solution for your
graphene needs.


There is no known
product stronger than
pristine graphene.


We are an at-scale producer
and can support
high volume requests.


Our patented process makes pristine graphene cost
effective and accessible.