Matt Kelly

Matt Kelly, Co-Founder, CEO, and Chairman, is a seasoned investigator with an eye for detail. He comes from a career background in law enforcement, specializing in crime scene investigation.

Matt has a great love of blacksmithing and powerlifting.

Tim Hex

Tim Rustine

Tim Rustine, Co-Founder, is an engineering generalist.  Some of his career highlights include working on a Navy nuclear submarine as a plant operator and working in rocket engine testing for NASA on the Artemis program.

Seann Robbins

Seann Robbins, Co-Founder, COO, and Acting President, is a chemist with deep experience in laboratory setup, and equipment management. He comes with a plethora of experience in analytical instrumentation and troubleshooting.

Seann has a love for materials research.

Operations Team

Anna D’Souza

Anna D’Souza, Director of Compliance and Sustainability, brings with her over 10 years of experience in analytical chemistry. During her early career, she collaborated with Seann Robbins at a food safety laboratory previously, where she cultivated her passion for safety, quality, and sustainability.

When she is not in the lab, she is spending time with her husband and cat.

David Hex Image

David Meades

David Meades, Facilities Manager, comes to us with a wealth of experience in building construction and maintenance.  A residential and commercial electrician for over 25 years, David keeps all our facilities and equipment in good working order.

In his spare time, David is an avid gamer who likes PC, console, and tabletop games.

Research and Development Team

TMTP labs™ has been expanding our footprint at the Advance Materials Research Institute (AMRI)
as well as our team of dedicated professionals in bringing our mission to life.

Our Research & Development team includes interns: Kirsten Jones, Roshni O’Neill, and Mark Granier, PhD students at the
University of New Orleans in the Wiley Research group.


Kirsten Jones

Kirsten Jones received her BS in chemistry from Xavier University and her master’s from Southeastern Louisiana University. Kirsten’s current research focuses on creating nanocomposites known as nanopeapods for different applications. Previously, her undergraduate research involved synthesizing potential chemotherapy nanotherapeutics for targeted drug delivery. Her goal is to live long and prosper; it's only logical.

Roshni O'Neill

Roshni O’Neill received her BS in Chemistry from Colorado State University and moved to New Orleans to teach high school before transitioning to graduate school.  Roshni’s research focuses on the synthesis of novel inorganic compounds, with a keen interest in layered oxide materials. Her passion for scientific exploration and unwavering dedication align with company values, and she is excited to provide her expertise as the company continues to grow.

Mark Granier

Mark Granier received his BS in chemistry from the University of New Orleans and is currently pursuing his doctorate in chemistry. His current areas of research are modifying nano peapods for photocatalytic applications and multi-step topochemical manipulations of double and triple-layer perovskites.

Mark is most interested in creating and modifying interesting solid-state structures.